Halloween flash day 2018

Our annual halloween flash day is nearly upon us again

As is tradition our annual halloween flash day will be held on Halloween, Wednesday 31st october.

This is the fifth year we have held it and each year we try to make things bigger and better for you guys, so this year we will have 5 artists working with heaps of flash to choose from for a range of different prices. We know you guys get down early and queue up outside the shop so this year our mates at Good Fortune Coffee are bringing their coffee cart down and will be serving up free coffee while you wait in line. Doors open at 10am as usual its first come first served.

we are already getting a lot of emails so here are some answers to some of the most common questions:

We will be open at 10am, we usually tattoo till around 9pm-10pm

The event is cash only, we don’t have an eftpos machine.

We will only be tattooing ‘flash’ (pre drawn designs) on the day, each of our artists will draw a range of designs for a range of different prices, this is what you can pick from. The designs will be put up in the shop windows at 9.30 on the day. Its a flash day so the designs are not custom one off pieces and will be tattooed more than once, this means you don’t need to worry about waiting in line for ages only to find the design you wanted has been taken.

This event is first come first served, that means we don’t take any pre bookings, we only have limited slots throughout the day, but you don’t need to queue all day, once we open and you have picked your design we will give you a slot and a time to come back at.