We are pleased to offer a wide range of body piercings; our piercers are professionally trained and qualified to ensure the highest quality piercing.

As with tattoos we offer walk-ins and bookings with piercings. Feel free to pop in or give us a call to chat about your piercing or ask any questions.

The age limit for the majority of our piercings is 16+ with valid photo ID. Some piercings are 18+
If you are under 16 you will need a parent or guardian and valid photo ID with you to fill out a consent form. Our minimum age for children’s ear piercing is from 6+ only after a consultation.

All piercings are done with a needle, never a gun; piercing guns cause unnecessary trauma to the skin and damage cartilage. Needles are gentle, safer, and only wielded by professionals. We practice minimally invasive technique ensuring results are as comfortable and the piercing process is as easy as possible.

We also encourage follow-ups at any stage. All piercings come with comprehensive aftercare. Medical-grade saline is available for an additional $10 with piercings.

Our base piercing price includes basic jewellery: ASTM F136 (ISO 5832-3) implant-grade titanium and internally-threaded unless otherwise specified. So there are no hidden costs.

We also have an expansive range of jewels, opals, and fancy ends available for both fresh and healed piercings. These start from an additional $25.

Our jewellery is tested against strict quality standards. Implant-grace titanium will not cause irritation or allergic reactions that can be caused by low grade metals and alloys.

All our Jewellery is sterilized in our state of the art digital autoclave. Our needles are pre sterilized and always single use, these are disposed of straight away in our sharps containers.

From $50 for 1 or from $90 for 2

From $60 for 1 or from $100 for 2

Tragus, Conch, Rook, Daith, Forward Helix
From $70

From $100

From $60

From $90

Bridge (18+)
From $110

From $70

Lip, Labret
From $90 for 1 or $160 for 2
(includes jewellery downsize and change in 2 weeks)

Vertical Labret
From $100
(includes jewellery downsize and change in 2 weeks)

From $100
(includes jewellery downsize and change in 2 weeks)

From $60

Nipple (18+)
From $70 for 1 or from $120 for 2

Jewellery Change or Piercing Troubleshooting / Care
From $20
(first change free if piercing was done at union)

Ear Curations and Projects by Consultation



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