Guest Artists

As you may know Zoe is on maternity leave for a few months and over that period we have some fantastic guest artists working at the shop.

check out their work on the links below and contact them directly for bookings!

Patch April 23rd – 28th
Patchs Instagram

Bobby Tech Tattoo May 6th – 12th
bobby tech tattoo Instagram

Julian Alexander May 6th – 12th
Julians Instagram

Jack Veele May 23rd – 26th
Jacks Instagram

Richard Warnock May 27th – June 1st
Richards Instagram

Braden Mcmahon June 5th – 8th
Bradens Instagram


Smell wink June 12th – 17th
Smels Instagram

Paige July 8th – 16th
Paiges Instagram

Alex Bock July 17th – 18th
Alexs Instagram

Scott waters August 12th – 18th
scotts Instagram

The serpent fire August 20th – 31st
the serpent fire Instagram

Goldy Handpoke August 20th – 31st
goldys Instagram