Covid 19 Information

Due to the government Lockdowns Union Tattoo is now closed until further notice

Further announcements have now been made about level 3, during level 3 businesses with face to face contact with customers will not be allowed to open so we will not be allowed to open until the country gets put onto level 2.

This is an extremely tough time for small business in New Zealand, and will have a huge impact on everything from cafes and bars to hairdressers retail. Our economy will be hit hard and many small independent business may close for good. So when we get out of this shop local, support your community, pay an extra couple of dollars on something made local, check who owns the company and business you are shopping at and where that money is going. More than ever we need money going back into our own economy.

be kind to each other and stay safe.

love and peace

The Union Tattoo Family