What to do on the day of your tattoo

There are many questions you may have about getting tattooed, especially if it’s your first time, so in this blog post we will try to answer as many as possible, so you know what to expect on the day.

What should I do on the day I get tattoo?

On the day of your tattoo make sure you’re well rested, get a good nights sleep the night before and have something to eat before you arrive. Usually people faint because they have low blood sugar so having a good breakfast or lunch before your tattoo is important.

We have coffee, tea and water available for all our customers but you may wish to bring some snacks or lunch with you if you are in for a long tattoo session.

Don’t come in hung over or drunk, you will bleed more and fidget a lot, which makes the whole process slower and more painful for you.

Make sure you arrive on time, at the time stated on your appointment card, if you are running late then please call the shop to let us know, do not send us a facebook or instagram message as we don’t check our social media accounts during the day, the only way to get through and make sure we have received your message is to call.

If you want to make any changes to the design tell your artist, this is your tattoo and it will be on you forever, so we are more than happy to make any changes. For us its best to do this when you see the drawing, not when we put the stencil on or when we are just about to start the tattoo. So if you want to change something speak up, we won’t be offended, we want you to be happy with your tattoo.

A stencil will be made on a special transfer paper and stuck onto your skin, this will enable you to see the size and placement of your tattoo, this is very easy to rub off and re apply until it is right. So if you want to make it bigger or smaller or move it a little just let your artists know, and we’ll happily move it until its right.

If you are feeling faint or unwell at any time during your tattoo then please let us know, we’re used to this so there is no need to feel shy or embarrassed, it happens.

If you need to go to the bathroom, grab a drink, food or a cigarette just let your artist know, they will cover up your tattoo before you leave the work area.

Don’t touch your tattoo, the skin around it or any clothing that has come into contact with the fresh tattoo. This helps minimize the risk of anything getting into your fresh tattoo and also stops and germs getting into the broken skin. It also reduces the risk of cross contamination in the studio between clients.

Your welcome to bring someone with you but its best not to bring a huge entourage of people, our studio is fairly small and there is not a lot of room in the work area especially when it’s a busy day. So its best to bring one friend or family member. If you do need to bring more people they will have to wait in our waiting area.

We currently don’t have a card machine at the studio so we only accept cash, come prepared or there is an ATM nearby.

Your artist will explain the aftercare to you, you will need to buy an aftercare product to use on your tattoo, we recommend tattoo tonic which is available at the studio to buy or you can use bepanthen cream of cocoa butter.

Please do follow the aftercare instructions, once you have left the studio taking care of your tattoo is your responsibility, if a little bit scabs more than the rest and looks patchy  or it gets knocked or doesn’t heal 100% just pop into the studio and we can touch it up for you, unless you have done something crazy and not followed the aftercare procedure Touch ups are free.