Vegan inks & aftercare

We get a lot of emails and messages asking if we use vegan inks and other vegan products for tattooing. The answer is Yes we sure do.

Most tattoo inks nowadays are vegan safe, made from organic and plant based pigments. there are still a few brands on the market that are still actually made with animal products. Non-vegan inks may contain bone char, glycerin from animal fat, gelatin from hooves, or shellac from beetles.

We try our best to make sure we are only using vegan ink, over the past year a couple of our artists have gone on to use Solid Ink, the black and colours are all made from plant based pigments and are all 100% vegan friendly. Most of the other ink brands we use are also safe for vegans, Eternal, Intense,dynamic and kuro sumi are all vegan safe.

We have also just started using Castile soap to wash tattoos down with during the tattooing process, this is a soap made from vegetable oils and is also 100% vegan, it also doesn’t contain alcohol so is much softer on the skin and causes less irritation.

Not only that but we also stock Tattoo Tonic, which is a shea butter and plant oil based tattoo aftercare cream to help aid the healing of your fresh tattoo, it is also made right here in wellington.