The Goat and the Deer

lots of you comment and ask about our goat and stag in the shop, heres their story.

Our Goat and stag are probably the most stand out features on the walls of our studio. Lots of you comment on them so we thought we’d share their story wth you.

Firstly for all the vegans that may be offended by them, these are antique pieces, while we don’t like to support hunting as a sport, we do think that these animals are beautiful, they are antiques that have been killed, stuffed and put on plaques many many years ago, so we think they look a lot better on our walls than in the waste bin.

The goat was originally on the wall of iconic wellington bar matterhorn when it first opened some 2o years ago. When matterhorn refurbished and changed their look the goat was moved to the brand new Might Mighty Bar on Cuba street in 2006. The Stag was also a feature on the walls of the bar. The two sat happily opposite each other for many years. Might Mighty was one of wellingtons most legendary bars, it was a place where everyone felt welcomed, it wasn’t a hipster hangout, it was a bar that offered something for everyone, it left a gapping hole in the nightlife in wellington and is still talked about today. However sometimes is best to end on a bang then fizzle out. When Mighty Mighty closed it’s doors in 2014 Craigy Lee spent a day tattooing all the staff.

Craigy wouldn’t take payment for the days work as Mighty had left a very special place in his heart, so as payment Mighty Mighty owner Sally Gifted him the Goat and Stag that adorned the walls of her beloved bar, on the condition that they stayed together in a public space in wellington.

So they sit on the walls of our little studio greeting every customer that walks through the door, as they have done for decades.

Union Tattoo 0008