Tattoo Deposits

We take a $50-$100 deposit for all tattoo bookings here is some information on why

We take a deposit to ensure our customers turn up for their tattoo at the agreed time and day. There is a lot of work that goes into preparing for a tattoo before we actually start tattooing. The consultation process, dealing with emails, then drawing and preparing for the tattoo itself. So if you don’t show up or you cancel your appointment then the deposit goes to the artist to cover all this time. Our artists are all self employed so if they don’t tattoo then they don’t get paid, if appointments don’t turn up they still have bills to pay and food to put on the table.

Tattoo deposits are always non refundable, this is clearly stated at the time of paying a deposit on our website and printed on all our studio appointment cards as is required by the New Zealand consumer guarantees act.

You may not be aware but once you have paid a deposit you have entered into a legally binding contract. Legally it doesn’t matter whether there is a written agreement or not, you don’t need to have anything signed for the law to take hold. The deposit is security that this contract will be fulfilled and once the contract (tattoo) is completed then you pay the remaining balance. If you change your mind or have to cancel the contract for whatever reason the supplier is entitled to keep your deposit.

If you need to change your appointment we require at least 48 hours notice if you give us this much notice we will transfer your deposit over with your new appointment. 48 hours gives us a bit of time to try and fill the cancelled appointment time.