8 Reasons to get tattooed in the winter

So it’s that time of year again, there’s less sunlight, the mornings are cold and frosty and the days are shorter. Generally its a bit depressing, the winter months don’t have a lot going for them. However winter is undoubtedly the best time of year to get tattooed, here’s 8 reasons why.

1 Artists waiting lists are shorter:

With an influx of tourists and visitors to wellington during the summer, tattoo shops get really busy during these months as there are simply more people wanting to get tattooed. During the winter however tattoo shops are generally not as busy as in the summer, artists have shorter waiting times to get tattooed so you can get in the chair quicker.

2 It’s easier to save:

With the longer days and warmer weather theres a lot more social events during the summer, more activities and things to eat up your money, during winter your more likely to sit at home and binge on Netflix, so it’s easier to save up to get tattooed!

3 You don’t really want to be outside in the winter:

Colder weather means you don’t want to venture out much, so indoor activities such as getting a tattoo indoors in a nice warm cosy studio are much more fun during the winter.

4 Your tattoo won’t get sunburnt:

You definitely don’t want to get your fresh tattoo sunburnt, and this is far less likely in the winter months.

5 You won’t be swimming much:

Ideally you don’t want to swim for a week or two after you get tattooed this can prove hard in the summer but much easier in winter.

6 Your tattoo will heal better:

Caring for your tattoo is a lot easier in winter, mainly because you won’t be swimming or out in the sun, with less outdoor activities is easier to keep clean and also you have more layers of clothes on to protect it and let it heal better.

7 You don’t sweat as much in the winter:

Yup sweating is annoying and not your friend when your trying to keep your fresh tattoo covered up.

8 The warmer weather makes your fresh tattoo irritable and itchy:

Everyone knows that bit during the healing process of your fresh tattoo when it gets really itchy and you just want to scratch the hell out of it, the warmer weather makes you more uncomfortable and irritates your skin more so its more likely to get itchy.