Sherlaine spent most of the last decade tattooing in Australia, most recently in here own studio spitting ink in Paradise beach, New south wales. she moved backed to Wellington in 2022 with her family joining the team at Union.

She had a very diverse upbringing, being born in South Africa, emigrating to New Zealand for her formative years and then moving over to Australia for her young adult life. she’s been involved in art her whole life, through family passing on their knowledge and skills. After studying graphic design in melbourne she was offered an apprentiship at St Kilda Ink in Melbourne.

After 5 years in Melbourne she made the move to decided to move closer to family on the south coast of New south wales, there was only one tattoo studio in town which shut down, so the only option was to open her own studio, moving back to New Zealand in 2022 to study and be closer to family again.

Sherlaine enjoys doing black and grey realism, neo traditional and new school tattoos though she would like to push and explore more colour realism work.

check out Sherlaines work on her instagram here –Sherlaines Instagram