Piercer Will

Will has been professionally piercing in wellington since 2017, apprenticing at Flesh Wound under wellington piercing legend Hamish Robertson Halley. He joined Union in 2021 and quickly upgraded all our piercing and jewellery systems to improve the whole experience for the customer.

Wills main aim when starting at union was to create a safe welcoming space for all where they could feel completely comfortable. the first thing he did when he started was upgrade all our jewellery to internal threaded implant grade titanium which is included in the cost of all piercings.

He has an ever evolving knowledge of piercing and has a drive to continue pushing forward for better standard and practises for piercing within our studio and also within New Zealand.

Will takes piercing very seriously and does all piercings with a needle, using minimal clamps to be as less invasive as possible for a gentle and safe piercing experience.