Jade is the youngest artist at the shop, specialising in fine line black and grey tattoos, she often uses her tattoo work to reconnect to her Māoritanga though you won’t find her doing straight up Tā Moko instead incorporation of the designs into the styles she is comfortable with.

Jade has been drawing since a young age and has always been fascinated by tattoos, she undertook an art diploma in 2017 which coincided with her starting her tattoo apprenticeship that same year.

Over the years she has refined her style to focus mostly on fineline black and grey with the foundations of illustrative realism and American traditional tattooing. Fantasy, religious iconography, native flora/fauna and images influenced by her favourite musicians are the reoccurring themes in her work.

Alongside her tattoo career Jade began to use art as a way of reconnecting to her Māoritanga. In 2021 she did a series of Wāhine Atua designs and since then has worked with many clients on a similar path, to turn their kōrero of reconnection into tattoos. Jades goal with this work is to bridge the gap between Tattooing and Tā Moko, for those that walk in both Te Ao Māori and Te Ao Pakeha.

Clients care and experience is a top priority in Jades process, so book in a consult and come say hello!

check out Jades work on her instagram here –Jades Instagram