Ten reasons to try Tattoo tonic

We have been stocking Tattoo tonic as our aftercare of choice since we opened, it’s all natural and all vegan. If thats not already got you sold here’s ten reasons why you should use it on your next tattoo

1. Tattoo Tonic is specifically made for tattoos, the essential oils and butters that are in it have anti inflammatory and soothing properties specifically designed to aid the healing of your tattoo. Many studios recommend bepanthen or savlon but these creams have little benefits to help heal a new tattoo.

2. Tattoo Tonic is 100% vegan, so you can sleep sound at night knowing it doesn’t contain animal products and hasn’t been tested on animals. It doesn’t contain lanolin oil or beeswax which are both very common in other tattoo balms.

3. Tattoo tonic is 100% natural, its made from plant based essential oils and butters, it contains no parabens or any other chemicals that are concerning for your health.

4. Tattoo tonic is locally made. It’s made right here in wellington, New Zealand.

5.Tattoo tonic is a small family owned company, it was created by Craigy Lee and his wife India and they still own and operate it to this day. So when you buy a tin your not giving money to a big multi national company and paying for a ceos third home, your putting food on a familys table and putting shoes on their daughters feet.

6. All the ingredients and labelling are sourced in New Zealand, putting money back into our own economy and supporting other independent local business.

7. Tattoo tonic has been around since 2014, it was tried and tested in our busy studio on Cuba street before it was sold nationwide. It is now stocked in some of New Zealands most well respected studios from Auckland to Invercargill.

8. It’s hand made in small batches, its not made on a huge production line in a huge factory. Its made in our commercial grade kitchen in Wellington. Its hand made, hand poured and hand labelled. Making it by hand in smaller batches ensures we have a high quality control and can put the love and care into each tin.

9. It has a long shelf life, if you have some left over and want to use it for your next tattoo just store it in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight such as a bathroom cupboard. It will be good for 36 months after opening.

10. The packaging is 100% recyclable, so wash out your used tin and put it out with your other aluminium food cans ready to be recycled.