Joe grew up in Seattle, Washington USA, You may have guessed as his accent gives it away. He’s been living in New Zealand for around 20 years tattooing full time in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

Joe moved to New Zealand when he was 17 and studied fine arts at Weltec. Playing in punk and hardcore bands and skating got him interested in tattooing as the two sub cultures went hand in hand. He started his tattoo apprenticeship in Auckland under Mike at Lincoln Ink. He moved to Wellington to pursue his tattoo career further working at esoteric ink in Berhampore, but when that studio closed its doors a new opportunity presented itself at legendary tattoo artist Steve Johnsons City of Ink In Christchurch.

Joe worked here for nearly 3 years and this is where he grew as an artist and broadened his skillset, in the fast paced environment of a street shop, developing his style dealing with walk ins and becoming a confident all round tattoo artists,

being away from is young daughter eventually became too much and he moved back to wellington to work full time and be closer to family.

Joes passion is for American and European traditional tattoos, Japanese and anything fantasy or mystical based. though he is a good all rounder and can lend his hand to most styles.

check out Josephs work on his instagram here –Joe’s Instagram

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